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Taylor Swift Disses Exes As ‘Boys’ Not ‘Men’ — New Interview

Le 28 October 2014, 04:30 dans Humeurs 0

Taylor Swift will have young women applauding everywhere as she calls out guys on both her album and in a new interview as ‘boys’ who only want love if it’s dramatic and ‘torture.’

Taylor Swift‘s 1989 is out now and as diehard fans of T-swift, we are already analyzing her lyrics. Specifically, in the new track, “Blank Space,” the 24-year-old sings that “boys only want love if it’s torture.” Amen Taylor!

Taylor Swift Disses Exes As ‘Boys’ Not ‘ Men’. Indeed, the iconic musician’s high profile relationships with “boys” appears to have inspired the powerful lyric!

Taylor decoded her lyric in an interview with The Sun, acknowledging that “there’s a huge difference between stepping out with someone who’s emotionally secure, and one who’s not,” reports the Daily Mail Online.

She also further enlightened us by revealing, “I was thinking about this – boys only want love if it’s torture and a constant chase. Men want love if it’s real, right, healthy and consistent. Any girl who’s really thought a lot about romance and relationships and break-ups has determined that the male species has divided into two groups – and it’s boys and men. You can have a 40 year old boy and a 20 year old man – it depends on their emotional DNA.”

Harry Styles, 20, John Mayer, 37, and Jake Gyllenhaal, 33, may all be different ages, but according to Taylor it seems like they’re all boys who share the same “emotional DNA.”

Furthermore, Taylor has made it known that she wants to steer clear of a torturous rocky romance (shout out Jelena) by dating a real man!
Taylor Swift: Busy Boss Lady

Amid all of the incredible milestones for Taylor on Oct. 27., ranging from a hit album to her highly anticipated appearance on The Voice, Taylor definitely does not have time for a torturous relationship!

So who will be the drama free gentlemen that sweeps America’s sweetheart off her feet? Time will only tell, but until then it seems like Ms. Swift will be quite busy and surrounded by love!

During her Oct. 24. appearance on E! News, T-Swift stated that she does in fact have “love” in her life.

“So I’m really happy about the fact that being single doesn’t feel like being alone. I have love in my life, I just don’t have a relationship, and that feels really natural right now,” explained Taylor.

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Iggy Azalea means business in 80's style power suit as she stands next to fierce big white cat in artwork for new single Beg For It

Le 18 October 2014, 07:47 dans Humeurs 0

She recently showed off her scantily clad body alongside Jennifer Lopez in the music video for Booty.

But the 24-year-old Australian star - behind mega hits Fancy and Black Widow - couldn't have looked more different as she appears completely covered up in the artwork for her new single Beg For It featuring M?.

The smart image, which showed her dressed in a white suit, with her hair slicked back also looked distinctly 80's.

The blonde rapper definitely didn't look like someone you would mess as she stands in front of what looked like a white jaguar.

The singer's fan's quickly began saluting the star's choice of artwork after she shared the shot on Instagram and Twitter on Friday.

The cover designer has perhaps taken inspiration from American artist Patrick Nagel, who painted Duran Duran's hit album cover Rio in 1982.

Nagel's sharp lines and pastel pops of colour are easily recognisable.

The painter famously drew Playboy Playmates Cathy St. George, Tracy Vaccaro and Shannon Tweed.

Iggy Azalea's style, both on stage and off, is pretty niche.

There's not often a lot we'd want to copy, purely because we don't have the guts! But when we spotted her carrying this super cool bag she suddenly became a lot more interesting. It's by Elizabeth and James, the sister label of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's brand, The Row.

Named after their siblings, it's a slightly less expensive collection than The Row but still encapsulates their clean, minimal take on design. And their bags have become a bit of a cult item with stylish stars like Jennifer Lawrence and Lauren Conrad both being spotted with this covetable bucket style.

The new bohemian arm candy du jour is the bucket. It's roomy, casual and while you can carry the Elizabeth and James version by the top handle, you can also sling it over your shoulders and it becomes a backpack leaving you hands free. Genius! So why not treat yourself this autumn and click the link (right) to buy it now at Shopbop?

If the A-list price tag puts you off but you'd still like to steal Iggy's style then check out the more purse-friendly options we've found below.

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Stephen Collins' attorney accuses actor's estranged wife of blackmailing him and leaking taped 'pedophilia confession' to get more money in divorce settlement

Le 9 October 2014, 07:14 dans Humeurs 0

An attorney representing Stephen Collins has hit out at the actor’s estranged wife, accusing her of trying to blackmail the TV star ahead of their looming divorce trial.

On Tuesday, an audio recording from a 2012 couple's therapy session in which Collins allegedly confessed to exposing himself to three young girls was released to TMZ.

The bombshell claims concerning the actor who plaid a pastor on the long-running show 7th Heaven set off a firestorm and already cost him roles on the hit drama Scandal and in the upcoming film Ted 2, and his position on the Screen Actors Guild National Board.

Attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan pointed a finger of blame at Collins' wife of 27 years, Faye Grant, claiming that she has been threatening to leak the taped confession for years.

‘Over the course of my representation of Stephen in the divorce case, Faye has repeatedly threatened to give this audiotape to the media unless Stephen agreed to pay her millions of dollars more than that to which she was legally entitled,’ he told TMZ.

‘When these demands were rebuffed, Faye attempted -- without success -- to peddle the tape in numerous ways to numerous different people.

‘It appears that she has finally found an audience for this tape -- not surprisingly, on the eve of the trial in the divorce case where, again, she is seeking millions of dollars more than that to which she is legally entitled.’

Grant has denied releasing the tapes to the media, saying that the recordings were supposed to be part of a criminal case.

The estranged wife has filed documents in court listing her and Collins' assets totalling $14million, including more than $5million in property, an art collection worth $40,000, her husband's vintage guitars valued at $100,000, and his $16,000 Rolex.

Grants indicated in the legal papers that she is entitled to half of the assets, but sources close to Collins believe she wants it all. New York City police announced Tuesday they have an open investigation into allegations Stephen Collins molested a teenage girl in the early 1970s.

The complaint was filed in 2012 accusing Collins of forcing a then-14-year-old girl to commit a lewd act in the actor's Manhattan apartment in 1972. An NYPD spokesman said the case remains open and is being handled by Special Victims Division detectives, but no charges have been filed.

Faye Grant, wrote in a sworn court declaration in Los Angeles last year that her husband had disclosed he molested at least three young girls, including a relative.

Grant wrote in the November 2012 declaration in the couple's divorce case that she reported abuse to Los Angeles police, who said they are not actively investigating the actor, but could not offer details on any previous investigations

‘Stephen admitted that he has engaged in a long-term pattern of sexually abusing minor children, including sexually molesting three young girls over a decade ago,’ Grant wrote in the sworn declaration, which was filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court in November.

The report to New York police was made six months after Collins filed to divorce Grant, who he married in 1985. Grant and Collins separated in February 2012, about two weeks after the actress said she learned of her husband's alleged pedophilia in therapy sessions, according to her declaration. Collins filed for divorce three months after the separation.

Grant stated her husband has said two of the girls he molested were abused when they were between the ages of 10 and 14 years old.

She made even more shocking claims about her husband Wednesday, saying he had sexual thoughts about their unborn child while she was pregnant. She said just before giving birth, Collins told her how glad he was they were having a girl, who they named Kate, instead of a boy who he may have sexually abused.

'The comment you made just before I gave birth to our daughter when you said you hoped we didn't have a little boy, because "you just didn't know if you could keep his little penis out of your mouth" was indication enough that you were sick,' Grant wrote in the email obtained by TMZ.

'I should have followed my gut then, and then again 14 years ago, and kicked your ass to the curb,' she added. A source close to Collins dismissed the allegations as 'absolutely untrue.' In the divorce filings obtained by MailOnline, Grant claims her husband used his fame to trick abused children.

'I believe that Stephen used his celebrity status to engender the trust of the families of the children he molested,' Grant wrote. 'I further believe that there have been other victims, but he has thus far only confessed to those three girls.

'I am particularly afraid of what may happen if he does not seek treatment, because he may be working or interacting with children in connection with his employment.'

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